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If you are small or mid size business, there's often a question about who manages your IT infrastructure like computer hardware or software, printers, network devices, fax machines, projectors etc. Sometime you are fortunate enough that within team you have knowledgeable people who can help and other time you have to hire full time which is big overhead for short term requirement. We offer plan based on call IT support, so you pay small membership fee to be connected to our team of expert professional and only pay on-call charges whenever you need them, so if there is no issues, your don't pay on call or in-house fees. Contact us to get a free trial IT Support membership.

Network Solutions

Connectivity is a key whether your focus is at residential side or commercial side. A reliable, secure, efficient and often economical solutions are on top priority list. An understanding of requirements and diligent planning can offer you all those four traits in a solution. Using our expertise and rigorously selected tools helps us to design a system which will meet your requirements. Whether you planning a wired or wireless solution, we have you covered.

Structured cabling

For a new cabling projects, network drops or upgrading an existing system, we offer a competitive structured cabling solution, with full workmanship warranty. We used best quality material and efficient cable management planning to give you most reliable and manageable cabling.

VOIP Phones

We can design, install and maintain an VOIP phone System to suit any requirement, saving clients hassle and cost.IP based Telephone systems offer all the features of standard telephone system (or PBX’s) plus much much more and at a fraction of the cost. VoIP telephone systems or PBX’s work just like standard key telephone systems but have many more features, VoIP telephone systems can span office buildings, town, city and even countries. VoIP phone systems can be used to to link whole offices and multiple office locations. Your existing PBX can be easily upgraded to make VoIP compatible.

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