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Every business is different and have different requirements for internet connectivity needs. Requirements can vary based on bandwidth needs, uploading speed, downloading speed, high availability, reliability, low latency, low ping, high up time and more. Also, number of users, devices and types of devices can affect the requirements. We offer custom analysis and planning for your requirements if needed or offer services already planned as requirements from your IT team. As service offerings and prices vary based on location and availabiliy, contact our specialist at to get custom quote and pricings


NEWT PBX Phone System


What is NEWT ?

NEWT is fully managed - Business PBX phone system designed, developed and managed by Fibernetics Inc, Canada. It is one of the most versatile, end to end and cost effective solution available in Canada which is revolutionizing the telecom sector with offering advanced phone features and flexiblity to meet every business needs. Based on recent reports, savings were calculated upto 80% for most businesses.
NEWT Managed PBX is Hybrid or Network based Solution which offers features and functionalities of both hosted and premise-based PBX system. In addition to that, Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees 99.99% up-time in their core network, and with hybrid technology means your business is always connected.


Why NEWT ?

While most PBX system eliminates the need for business phone lines and their associated costly per month overhead charges but NEWT goes above and beyond with their private network infrastructure to provide high quality voice service for businesses across Canada, while avoiding any security and reliability issues which may occur on public internet networks. With 24/7 technical support team to help you with small to big issue resolutions if any occurs.
The monthly cost of the NEWT Business Phone System, including all new hardware and service, is lower than what most businesses currently pay for their voice and Internet services alone. NEWT is scalable which means when your business grows, you don't need to change system but simply add more connections or upgrade the switch. Additionally, experienced multi-faceted Technicians from Solnet Canada can assist you with various services and solutions to make your experience more beneficial. Learn more about 90+ features offered by NEWT Phone system below.

90 + Features List


How to avail NEWT ?

Solnet Canada is your one stop solution for NEWT PBX Phone System, we have partnered with Fibernetics to provide you with their prestigious and advanced Managed PBX System with quality service and affordable cost. We offer complete design and planning of your phone network system, structured cabling for phone system, installation and setup, on-site and remote user training as well as after support for device upgrades and troubleshooting. Moreover, when you choose a NEWT System from us, your business becomes eligible for upto 10% discount on our 'Network and IT Security Solution' or 'Wireless Access Point Solutions for Business'.


Every business is different and different IT requirements as well as different network layouts. ILEC Telecom providers have standard way of setting the demarcation points in your property and you have to work around your network and IT room based on that. For various business it could be daunting task to upgrade existing network as well as for new businesses to plan based on their needs. A demarcation extension allows to relocate the demarcation point and your IT room within premesis so it fits your IT Infrastructure needs without compromise
How much it costs what merits it has are two most common asked questions. Answer is simple, it's case by case varies and more than often found to be more benefcial to have it extended than running infrastructure from less optimal location which can affect performance as well as maintenance on Network.
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