Structured Cabling
  • Voice and Data - Patch Panel cabling
  • Voice and Data - Direct cabling
  • Coaxial Cabling
  • CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 - RJ45, RJ11
  • Coax - BNC, SMA, F connectors

Network Solution
  • Network Planning, Design and Installation
  • Wired and Wireless Network
  • Router, Switch, Hub, Patch panels
  • Range Extender, APN
  • Structured cabling

VOIP Phones
  • Business Phone line
  • Residential Phone line
  • High End Voip phones
  • Cheap international calls
  • Multiple call features, Voicemail and Intercom

Surveillance System
  • IP Camera and NVR
  • HD Camera and DVR
  • No contract or Cloud Storage
  • Remote Access
  • Phone and Tablet Access

Controlled Access System
  • RFID and Smart Card Entry
  • Biometric Access control
  • Smart Lock - Keypad entry
  • Smart Lock - Phone App access
  • Auto Lock and Unlocking

Alarmed System
  • Motion and Sound Sensors
  • Glass Break detection
  • Photoelectric Beam and Door contacts
  • Remote Access
  • Alarm communication

Warehouse/Factory AV System
  • Sound system Planning
  • Positioning and Cabling
  • Fire safe rated install
  • Device setup and Testing

Mobile AV System
  • Compact design
  • Multiple features and equipment add ons
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Plug and Play ready

Shop/Store AV System
  • Portable system
  • cost effective design
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Fire safe rated install

Work Area
  • Work area is the front end or user end where all cables and communication channels are terminated, typically behind wall or in box with faceplate and jack to attach the patch cable to connect network device. Its's connected to ...
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Horizontal Cabling
  • Structured Cabling can be subdivided into basic 6 subsystems and horizontal cabling is one of the subsystem. The cabling which connects Workstations on work area to Patch panel and/or switch on telecommunication enclosure is ...
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Telecommunication Enclosure
  • Like Horizontal Cabling and backbone cabling, Telecommunication enclosure is one of the six subsystems of structured cabing. It is typical components are patch panel and network switch. It is connected to work area using horizontal ...
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Patch Panel
  • Patch panel is part of telecommunication enclosure. It allows easy plug-in for connectivity as well as for ease of debugging when needed. Cables from horizontal cabling are terminated on one end of patch panel other side has required ...
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Network Switch
  • Various switch types are used for connectvity, some of switch are pre-configured and some needs post configurations, they are typically categorized as unmanaged and managed switch. There are also LAN Switch, POE Switch and Stackable switch ...
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Backbone Cabling
  • Backbone cabing is one of six subsystems of Structured Cabling. Cable connecting telecommunication enclosure to equipment area is refered as backbone cabling. This cabling are typically multi cables and offer high data rates and multiple ...
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Entrance Facility
  • Entrance facility offers connectivity between private network to external Internet Service Provider(ISP), it's located in equipment area. It allows connectivity between gateway router and ISP. The connectvity is typically protected using ...
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Optic Fiber Cabling
  • Cabling and cabling standards allows different type of material used in cabling to meet certain criterias like fire safety, bandwidth, speed, reliability, longevity and advanced performances. Optic fiber cable offers communication over ...
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Network Devices
  • Network switch router and gateway - Network devices play essential role in communication and a right device selection can help you to establish better communication with performance, speed, reliablity, bandwidth and security. Different network ...
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