Structured Cabling - Cabling | Termination | Testing

Structured Cabling is backbone of network connectivity. It dictates the connectivity from external source to distributed network of users and devices. Prominently copper based cabling includes CAT5 or CAT6 for voice, data and video. Also, optic Fiber cabling is being implemented in various places with both single mode and multimode fibers. Structured Cabling can be subdivided in 6 core sections - Entrance Facility, Equipment Room, Backbone Cabling, Telecommunication Enclosure, Horizontal Cabling and Work Area. We expertise in both backbone cabling and horizontal cabling. Learn more at our blog.

Cable Refresh

Physical layer bandwidth has grown significantly in last few years allowing much faster data transfer with upgraded cables. If your structured cabling was installed more than 5 years ago, there is possibility that your network is not optimized with current connectivity data transfer(speed). Simple solution is cable refresh, a new set of cables to be ran in order optimize the current speed demand and using current network optimally

Cable Troubleshooting | Testing | Certification

In addition to structured cabling, we offer cable troubleshooting for individual connection which might not be performing well or not connectng at all. We Test, terminate and also cerify cable with optimal capacity so you can assured what to expect from your cabling infrastructure.

Cabling - Security Camera | Phone | Access Point

We do complete cable run of cabling for your security camera to connect it with its Video recorder. We also run cable for voice communication(Phone) for regula cabling, phone splitting, rollover lines etc. Cable runs for access points, wireless access points from patch panel is also offered by our technicians.